SD Artists

Snoring Dog Music Production artist include the following

Luke Holton

Luke Holton Head ShotLuke Holton's musical career started in St. Louis, Missouri. As a young teen, his father presented him with a guitar for Christmas. He quickly became infatuated with the instrument and started practicing attempting to reproduce the sounds of great jazz guitarists like Wes Montgomery. He soon became involved in St. Louis' professional music scene playing both guitar and piano in local bands. To continue his musical education, he attended Washington University in St. Louis where he earned a degree in music.

After completing college he "hit the road" traveling throughout the United States performing with an R&B band. After two years on the road, Luke returned to the club scene in St. Louis and eventually led his own band. He built a recording studio where he composed, recorded and published original material which was released under the band name "Nightwind". 

Luke eventually left St. Louis and embarked on a corporate career that led him to another passion in his life, software design and development. After years honing his software skills in the corporate world, he started his own software development firm, Desert Sky Software, and for the past 20 years has designed and developed custom software applications. Desert Sky Software specializes in the design and development of database driven web applications using WebObjects and iPhone/iPad apps. His love for music, especially jazz, has never diminished. Luke can now be found performing at various venues in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Nicole Pesce

Nicole Pesce Head ShotPianist, keyboardist, composer and arranger Nicole Pesce entertains audiences with her unique blend of virtuosity, humor and pizzazz. Nicole’s YouTube “Happy Birthday Variations” video currently has over three million views

Arizona Foothills Magazine honored Nicole with the “Best of 2014 Award” for Best Local Band/Musician. With a repertoire consisting of over 12,000 memorized songs; Nicole is often dubbed “the human iPod” and is recognized as one of the “top ten musicians to hear in Phoenix” by the Arizona Republic.

Nicole has performed for Muhammad Ali, George Benson, Ricky Martin, George Bush, Sr., Waylon Jennings, Taylor Hicks, Janet Napolitano, Shaquille O’Neal, Jimmy Carter, Chris Rock, Steve Nash, The Gypsy Kings, Verne Troyer and Brian Setzer. She’s appeared with American Idol contestant David Hernandez, The Moscow Ballet, Zowie Bowie, The Cast of Mary Poppins, Young Frankenstein, Mamma Mia, and White Christmas.

Matt Feeney

Matt Feeney Head ShotMatt Feeney has been writing and performing music since college days at Notre Dame. He first performed as member of a folk trio called “Turning The Tide” and now with the feeney/winthrop band in Phoenix, AZ. Matt now composes and records at Snoring Dog Recording Studio.